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Best-seller Malay novel.

A 18-episode anti-plot novel which shocked the Malay world with unexpected ending of each of the episode!

English version in e-book edition. (Format: epub or pdf)

There were 25 tables at Esastera Restaurant. One of the table was numbered 17, namely Table 17. Many incidents involving different groups of characters happened at this Table 17. The novel brings to you 18 of the most interesting incidents associated with the table: social, cultural, professional, political, and sci-fi. The themes include, but not limited to, crime doesn’t pay, overcoming the odds, technology, love conquers all, and good versus evil. In all cases, the writer keeps challenging your imagination to guess how each of the episode will end.


“Irwan is a cunning and smart story teller… Table 17 was developed with complete and sufficient literary infrastructures to emerge as a writing with new style to stimulate the reader.” – LIM SWEE TING.

The ideas are attractive, crazy, beyond the norm, outside our thinking box, never had we think of such ideas before… Table 17 is capable of stirring our mind and widening our thinking horizon.” – DINSMAN.

19 peculiar stories… ha… ha… ha… Peculiar and absurd is Table 17 due to a thinking that goes beyond ordinary thinking. An unputdownable read!” – AHKARIM.

“It’s a great loss if you do not list Table 17 as one of the reading materials to ‘spoil’ your mind.” – S. AMIR ON in Mingguan Malaysia, 14.01.2018.

“I am impressed with Chapter 15: Funtage Academy. I felt as if I was watching a movie when, in actual fact, I was merely reading the text. In my opinion, the writer should turn this chapter into a drama or film script. Very motivating and full of excitement.” – ALIFF MUSTAKIM.

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